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Person-Centered Planning services starting 

May 2024

Sara will be offering formal Person-Centered Planning Facilitation in-person in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Telehealth is offered throughout the state of Minnesota.

Person-Centered Plans

I am passionate about empowering people to define their dreams, map the action steps towards that dream, and to mobilize their system of support. I believe that everyone should have a voice in decisions impacting their lives. My aim is to empower people to advocate for their needs and foster a more meaningful, enriched, and fulfilling life. I have experience with creating several types of plans include MAPS, PATHS, and Liberty Plans. 


Person-centered planning is useful during times of transition, big and small. I have supported people in planning around:

  • Career Changes

  • Moving

  • Retirement Planning

  • College Goals

  • Getting Healthier

  • Travel

  • And more!


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