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Behavior change typically involves identifying the behavior you want to engage in less often, identifying one or more behaviors you want to engage in instead, and deciding how your new behaviors will be prompted and reinforced. Support is often necessary to make a lasting and positive change. 

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)

Assessment which helps answer the question, "Why is this behavior occurring"? 

Positive Support Plan

Detailed plan which lists how behaviors will be reinforced, what skills will be taught, and what supports the individual needs to be successful. 

Person-Centered Planning

Formal Person-Centered Planning and Training. Read more here

Manage Challenging Behavior

Reducing unsafe or learning to manage unwanted behavior can be tough and may require a team of support. 

Learn New Skills

I assess which skills to teach and meet with the individual weekly or bi-weekly to practice, reinforce, and shape the skills. 

Caregiver Training & Support

Listening and validating. Individualized training, resources, and plan of action. 

Autism Consultation

On a waitlist for support? I can help with setting up the environment for success and teaching you how to teach communication and skills.

Group Presentation

I give presentations to schools, group home staff, or any group of individuals interested in learning more about behavior  support. 

Team Consultation

I can be a positive addition to any team, including an IEP team, by advocating for what supports the client needs to be happy and happy. 

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